Catering style


My approach to catering has always been to take a fresh look at each booking and every meal I am asked to produce. Rather than churning out the same old dishes I keep my menus fresh and interesting by always starting  with a blank page and building up the menu from scratch each time.

Successful catering requires an intuitive understanding of the what would work best for each occasion. It requires careful  planning and attention to detail. In addition I feel my knowledge of local produce,  herbs, vegetables and fruit from my allotment near Church Stretton and my love of  harvesting from the countryside really adds value to the meals I produce.

I present my food simply but I hope with a keen eye for colour and feel for texture and there are always garden flowers on the table and home made bread in baskets for guests to enjoy.

I understand when local lamb is worth buying or when crab is nice and fat and that’s when you’ll see it on the menu. I’ll make suggestions based on what I know will be at its best at the time you want to eat. This is what seasonal cooking is all about and it has nothing to do with fashion although I do like to experiment with new methods and tastes.

I am always developing new dishes and I like to offer food that guests wouldn’t attempt to cook for themselves. However,  I am constantly mindful of the wonderful old recipes and much loved taste combinations which deserve a place on any good menu. There are so many traditional British and European dishes which celebrate our seasonal produce so well, it would be a crime to overlook them and food history is a particular interest of mine. So be prepared to reconnect with some old favorites!



  • My name is Melissa Rees. Originally from Suffolk, I met my husband Jeremy while living in Brixton. We moved to Shropshire in 1997 and have 3 daughters and a young son. Of course I love to cook but I wouldn’t be happy to be without writing, planting and reading.
  • "Hi Melissa, My friends and I want to thank you so much for your wonderful meal. We all thoroughly enjoyed your splendid food and were so impressed by how you managed it all so wonderfully and unobtrusively. It was also so kind of you to help our stranded friend while cooking for 25 simultaneously!! We couldn’t recommend you highly enough; a business like yours deserves to succeed. We had high expectations and you didn’t disappoint. Warm regards June"