Cookery demo for WI ladies
June 23rd, 2012

What a pleasure to meet the ladies of Lydbury North WI this week. The theme for the demo was summer cooking what with it being the longest day and all…

It poured and was perishing cold but never mind.

I made gallettes, my chilled summer kedgeree, asparagus and orange salad, summer herb pesto chicken and a strawberry meringue cake.

They couldn’t  have been sweeter to me. I felt wrapped in a blanket of bygone episodes of Miss Marple as I judged the ‘flower on a single stem competition’ – The double pink peonie won of course.

I had my hands full too much to take photos but here are the recipes in case you’re interested.  They’ve asked me back to demo again in the autumn.

I love my work! This week Lydbury North, one day the Albert Hall. Just trying to persuade Jeremy to be on hand to assist. Told him he can be the Johnny to my Fanny!

Summer Cooking wi 2012

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