cakes for the girls
January 11th, 2013

What with Esme’s 21st, Willow’s 14th and Jesus’s 2012th in the middle I seem to have been baking a lot of cakes. This week I baked a cherry and almond cake for a client with the instruction that it should have two little girls on it. I scoured the internet for images of girls in bonnets. I was thinking of Holly Hobby but also wanted to avoid faces as I know from experience how tricky they are in icing! Ended up with something cute and folksy I hope. Had to quickly scroll past the pornographic images of girls on their backs. I’m intrigued as to how my search could conjour up quite such a detailed drawing and if one of the children hadn’t been with my I might have been tempted to print her off in order to test my piping skills. Maybe I’ll save her for the next cake I have to make for a man’s 70th next month. Well, his wife did say he loves cherries……

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