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  • My name is Melissa Rees. Originally from Suffolk, I met my husband Jeremy while living in Brixton. We moved to Shropshire in 1997 and have 3 daughters and a young son. Of course I love to cook but I wouldn’t be happy to be without writing, planting and reading.
  • "Hi Melissa, My friends and I want to thank you so much for your wonderful meal. We all thoroughly enjoyed your splendid food and were so impressed by how you managed it all so wonderfully and unobtrusively. It was also so kind of you to help our stranded friend while cooking for 25 simultaneously!! We couldn’t recommend you highly enough; a business like yours deserves to succeed. We had high expectations and you didn’t disappoint. Warm regards June"


Menus for This Winter

Last weekend I catered for a family reunion on the Saturday night. Then on the Sunday I ran a Wellbeing Workshop at the Discovery Centre in Craven Arms. Monday was Teaching at Telford College and Monday night was Catering for a group of charming Young...

by Milly on January 30th, 2016
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Beet the blues

When next you plan to have your oven on to roast, take a couple of bunches of organic beets and wash off the worst of the dirt. Oil and season them and cover loosely with foil. Shove the tin in the oven for at least...

by Milly on January 30th, 2016
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Happy New Year! And still eating chocolate……

Oh my goodness but I have eaten a lot of chocolate and don’t feel like eating it again in a hurry! However, others are not feeling this way at all and I have a party to cook for tomorrow who seem very happy to keep...

by Milly on January 8th, 2016
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