vegetarian weekend menu
February 17th, 2019

Friday Supper – Dinner to be delivered late afternoon so that your guests can cater for themselves at times that suit them. The hot dishes will be in foil oven dishes with salads and breads to accompany the meal. Instructions for reheating together with details of the ingredients will be supplied. The emphasis will be on dishes that are nutritionally balanced, sourced from local, seasonal produce with no additives, preservatives or unnecessary extras. All dishes will be dairy and wheat free unless otherwise described.

Sweet root and celariac gratin with tahini and salsa verdi
Green bean, asparagus and hazelnut salad with orange and tarragon
Persian supergrain and toasted seed salad
Home made breads (some g/f)
Rhubarb, almond and polenta cake with lemon ice-cream ( or soya ice-cream)
Optional Extra – Shropshire and Borders artisan cheeseboard – £50.00

Saturday Lunch Shropshire filled potatoes ready for baking with sour cream and chives
Minestrone soup with pesto
Celery, pear and walnut salad
Fruit salad

Saturday Night Dinner – delivered Saturday late afternoon together with lunch for Sunday
African Peanut and Aubergine stew with Brown Rice
Super greens salad
Cornbread muffins
Vegan chocolate and ginger tart with marmalade ice-cream (or soya ice-cream)

Sunday Lunch Roast carrot, cumin and lentil soup
Baked potatoes, crunchy Spring coleslaw
Bara Brith

Cost – £100.00 per head (Cheeseboard is an optional extra)

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