When teaching cookery  I notice how enslaved students often are by the concept of sticking to the recipe. This is such a shame but I can see how it has come about. We are so bombarded by cookery programmes and chef-written articles that to keep pace with them requires being able to run before we can walk. It all becomes a bit too detailed and precise.

In the first place these recipes mostly assume knowledge and experience at quite a high level. I’d rather people learnt the basic skills first from their mums or dads or even schools but failing this unrealistic hope,  through shared learning, cookery lessons or workshops. Then recipes would  make a lot more sense and cooking would be  fun rather than resembling the task of trying to tackle a mathematical problem. Without the basics it’s difficult to relax and learn how to cook instinctively.

For those who love to collect recipes – and I have been cutting things out of magazines and collecting books since I was a weird 13 year old – I ‘ll be adding some of my favorites to this website. I’d like to think I could add some of yours too.

I’ll try to make them easy to follow and reliable but I still think some of the best recipes are simply a delicious way of eating something. And it’s difficult to put that into words.

Written in memory of  my very good friend  who died at 9.15am in the North Tower after planning his very last breakfast meeting. He never followed a recipe because of his dyslexia but his cooking was great.


  • My name is Melissa Rees. Originally from Suffolk, I met my husband Jeremy while living in Brixton. We moved to Shropshire in 1997 and have 3 daughters and a young son. Of course I love to cook but I wouldn’t be happy to be without writing, planting and reading.
  • "Hi Melissa, My friends and I want to thank you so much for your wonderful meal. We all thoroughly enjoyed your splendid food and were so impressed by how you managed it all so wonderfully and unobtrusively. It was also so kind of you to help our stranded friend while cooking for 25 simultaneously!! We couldn’t recommend you highly enough; a business like yours deserves to succeed. We had high expectations and you didn’t disappoint. Warm regards June"